6th International
Cancer Study & Therapy Conference

Cancer Science-2020 Virtual | October 01, 2020
Location - Online (Virtual Conference)
Timings - 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM GMT

Important Dates

About Conference

6th International Cancer Study & Therapy Conference will be held on October 01, 2020 as a Virtual Conference. Cancer Science-2020 Virtual is an initiative to unite the diverse researchers and business communities working in the field of cancer under one roof to understand the underlying biological procedures, current treatments which can be amended to increase effectiveness, precision, survivability and quality of life in cancer patients.

Cancer Science-2020 Virtual provides a platform for cancer researchers, clinicians, oncologists, academicians and young scientists from all over the world to fuel the development of targeted therapies.

Scientific Sessions

  • Radiation therapy, Chemo-therapy & Surgery in Cancer
  • Clinical Trials, Anti-cancer Drugs & Mechanism of Action
  • Immunotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy & Cancer Nursing
  • Targeted & Precision Medicine in Cancer
  • Pharmaceutical & Pharmacological Cancer Studies
  • Medicinal Plants & Nanotechnology in Cancer
  • Complementary & Alternative Cancer Treatments
  • Biomarkers and exosomes in cancer Screening & Diagnostics
  • Cancer Prevention, Epidemiology & Global Implications
  • Side Effects, Psychological & Social Aspects of Cancer
  • Cancer: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Body Weight & Physical Activity
  • Cancer: Molecular Biology, Genetics & Cell Biology
Interplay and cancer modulation Towards better understanding of pediatric cancer Keynote talk

Committee Members

Padmanabhan P. Nair
NonInvasive Technologies LLC, USA
Shulamith Kreitler
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Georgiev George Pavlovich
Institute of Gene Biology, Russia
George G Chen
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Atif A. Ahmed
University of Missouri, USA
Sergey M. Deyev
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Ramadasan Kuttan
Amala Cancer Research Centre, India
Alatangaole  Damirin
Inner Mongolia University, China
K. K. Janardhanan
Amala Cancer Research Centre, India
Guang-Yu Yang
Northwestern University, USA

Why to Attend

Cancer Science-2020

Enables you to be known in academic circles to convene prearranged panels including delegates from companies and universities. This scientific meeting provides access to research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them.

Networking for Future Collaborations:

Participants will get engaged in learning latest research finding from the interesting presentations, workshops, poster presentations. These networking events will helps in making new connections which will aid your future collaborations.

Renowned Speakers:

Meet Renewed Speakers related to the conference and earn a priceless chance to sharpen your saw by learning new skills in a different environment.

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"I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the conference. Thank you for your cooperation & waiting for your upcoming conferences."

- Maha Mohamed Adel Elgammal, Alexandria University, Egypt

"The conference was successfully organized by the organizers, thanks for providing us with a platform for academic exchange. We also sincerely thank you and other organizers for your concern and help during the conference."

- Alatangaole Damirin, Inner Mongolia University, China

"My congratulations for all your very useful clinical-scientific activities, awaiting for more collaboration in the future."

- Calogero Rinzivillo, University of Catania, Italy